On Abortion

When all things “against” left with the idea of death, so did the opinion on abortion.

The Son of God can’t be born or killed by the birth and death of a body.

If you have had an abortion and feel guilty about it, recognize your Guiltlessness in the eyes of God who created your Reality that is not of this world. You did nothing for or against the Son of God; release the thought that you ever had that power. You didn’t; and you are still God’s Perfect Love.

The body can’t create the Son of God; the body assembles nothing but perceptual frames of reference. The belief that the body can create like God produces all physical symptoms. The body can’t kill the Son of God either. The belief that the body can kill doesn’t alleviate the physical symptoms of believing the body can create; but it is still nothing.

“A major step in the Atonement plan is to undo error at all levels” (ACIM). Error is not possible. In the never was of the Absolute, the body never was; the idea of death never was. The Atonement is for everyone who ever believed in being guilty and condemned to death, which is every last person on Earth.



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