The natural release of short-term memory

The Absolute Memory of God is formless; all spacememory, or records of activities in spacetime are released to the formless Memory of God. In this State are all problems resolved, and all needs directly met.

The day is a collection of such recordings that is surrendered to God nightly. The body is a collection of spacetime recordings forgotten at death. Dreamless, formless, deep refreshing sleep is necessary or there is only the insanity of keeping up with ideas in motion. Spacememory keeps track of itself and doesn’t need help.

Insomnia is a result of trying to trump the truth with one’s own guilty ideas of it, which generally focus on protecting the body vs the miracle of forgetting it. The belief is that there is something the ego can successfully substitute for the peace of the Memory of God. This belief may be work, family, politics, health etc – something within the belief in separation from Source is given extra special attention – and Relief is denied.

Relax into the night that is the strain of the day’s Guiltless Answer.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” (ACIM)


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