Q & A: Difference between Absolute Love and attachment love

Q: Hi. What do you mean when you talk about the Quality of Love in the Absolute? I am only familiar with Love being the emotion of caring for a separate being. So, what does Love “feel like” when there is no other to “feel love” towards?

A: Absolute Love is Innate Quality; attachment love depends on quantity. The Absolute State is Love begetting Love begetting Love, continuously, without deviation. Attachment love is a reflection based in the same quality, but it depends on interaction between a quantity of “this” and a quantity of “that” in order for emotional love to beget love. In the Absolute State, “this” and “that” never were and associated emotions never were. There is only Love begetting Love begetting Love, continuously without deviation.

The body is the natural screen for consciousness. It is used to participate in God’s Cosmic Play to simulate the Love of the Absolute in sex-linked varieties of coming together as one. There are many different actors. All are seeking to demonstrate the idea of love between a “this” and a “that” that is a perfect simulation of the Absolute Love of God for His Son. All “love stories” are stories of loss, but only because everyone joyfully returns to Reality when they decide to stop acting. Lovers in the play take off their costumes and make-up, and stop making skits about Love to rest in it.

The body never was in the Absolute State of Mind. There are no needs in the Absolute; one is Absolute Satiation in Source. Needs never were.

In God’s Cosmic Play where one simulates Absolute Love, one keep things balanced “in form”. Husbands meet wives needs and vice versa. Parents meet children’s needs. In the meeting of another’s need is the holy instant of Knowing all needs met.

Keep loving everyone around you with all of your heart; there are no divisions in the Absolute. It is not a matter of giving up or surrendering attachment love for God’s Love; God’s Love absolutely includes everything in His Play.

The emotional love one feels for one’s loved ones is dependent on a framework, which limits it greatly due to the framework’s inability to last forever. Because the framework for emotional love is subject to loss, the other side of attachment love is grief. God’s Love is not subject to grief, however, while attachment love naturally is. Without fear of loss, there could be nothing to “attach to”. And yet, one doesn’t give up hugging their loved ones in the name of “surrendering to the Absolute”, one simply swoons into the Absolute Love that includes everything.


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