How God gets blamed when a body dies

God gets blamed when a body dies, because the ego is angry it can’t use a gathering of special bodies to demonstrate Oneness. And yet Oneness already is. Oneness doesn’t require a gathering of bodies to demonstrate what it is; it is what it is.

On a course in miracles, forgetting the body altogether is the final miracle, so when a body dies, the ego, which hates the miraculous, blames God. In a sense the ego is right; the ego’s hunch about what’s going on is correct, it’s just backwards to blame God for being what is wanted by His Son. When the sense of an imprisoned will becomes unbearable, the body is released; this is all the Son of God need be “forgiven” for, is releasing his prison. The ego recognizes that the Son of God happily resumes Oneness without the idea of division, and this it hates.

“Recognize what does not matter, and if your brothers ask you for something “outrageous,” do it because it does not matter.” (ACIM)

The depth of meaning to the above passage is that even if one’s brothers ask you for your body, like what happened with the asking for of the body of Jesus on the cross, give it to them, because it does not matter. The body is not part of Oneness.


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