Writers at 600 on the Map of Consciousness (R) needed

My spiritual teacher Dr David R Hawkins once made the comment, “the world needs more writers at 600 (on the map of consciousness (R)).

Indeed the world is full of perceptual stories about what was, and what might be. Writers “at 600”, which is the level of enlightenment, write from the witness to Awareness of Reality vs the experiencer of consciousness. One writes the Answer from God Awareness vs  questions from the questioner of experience.

In October 2015, I was a part-time content producer for ad revenue sharing sites. I was writing for pennies about mundane topics. It was painful to sit at the computer and type for hours and then to get paid $3 an hour added insult to injury as the saying goes. I gave it up, and dedicated my writing to the Holy Spirit. It was a turning point in my own conscious evolution. The intellect alone could not do the job, nor could the level of consciousness of love. It had to be the Self.

Writing for the Holy Spirit is altogether a pleasurable experience. It’s not about the income, but I know that will change for the better too. Writing for God is my calling. It brings pure joy.

I invite you, too, to dedicate your writing to the Holy Spirit. You won’t be able to help but enlighten yourself. ❤




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