Q & A on the Absolute Oneness of God’s Creation March 11, 2017

Q: Hello. How can there be “Creation” or a “Son of God”, when there is only the One Infinite Being?

A: God’s Creation that is His Son is beyond description. All of the heart of sentient life is God’s Son. What God’s Son thinks (what you think, what I think) is not what God Created, but a projection outside of extending what cannot be thought or described. Everything God created was created perfectly. When one looks at any part of the Sonship and sees anything but perfection, one is not seeing creation as God created. And indeed, it is not possible to see as God created through the body’s eyes. So one looks past all thought of imperfection to the Christ within, to Know Unity with the Personality of the One Infinite Being.

Q: In the Absolute state, are you Aware that God created you? Are you aware of yourself as a separate being?

A: You know how when a baby is born, it is born with needs: it needs air, food, water, touch. In the Absolute, these needs never came into being. The universe never came into being. A concept of “God” never came into being. There is only Absolute Satiation.

Q: What is that like? is it a feeling of intense joy?

A: Totally beyond description. But I love to try 🙂 One is the Quality of Love and this Quality is Known to be Reality and Identity as One. One’s “individuality” does not “disappear” into nothingness, but into one’s very Identity; the individual never was and so isn’t “gone”. The state is Known by its Absolute Familiarity; one is so “at home” in the state, there is no awareness of ever having left. It is Known that everything is included and yet, nothing ever was any different than Absolute Satiation; the One Desire is Fulfilled. Joy has a limit to it. Joy can’t be sustained and it needs “prompts”; it needs the “joyful”. The Absolute is like sustained joy but it is still far, far Beyond it. The Absolute does not compute duality. Duality comes into play when joy “runs out” in this world. In the Absolute there is no potential for anything to run out, or to suddenly swing to “the other side”; there is no yin and yang, there are no “scales of balance”. The Absolute is Perfect Equilibrium. There is Absolute Stillness, no motion, but a Known “internal” (though there is no “out” or “in”) interchange of the Quality of Love. This interchange is truly indescribable. It is not an exchange, it is not like attachment love exchanged between a this and a that, but the very Quality of Love interchanging with its Self. Love begetting Love begetting Love continuously without interruption, without deviation.

Q: Thank you. 🙂

Why does ACIM say there is a Father and a Son? That one created the other, as though they are two?

A: God is the Giver of Life. God is the Father, Life is His Son.

Q: Is “God is the Giver of Life” experienced in the Absolute, or is that something that is formulated afterwards?

A: Nothing is experienced in the Absolute; experience is subjectively quantified. The Absolute is always, there is no “before” or “afterwards” as there is with experience – the Absolute is continuous extension of Love’s Changeless Quality and this is nothing the ego made via projection; there is no ego. Projection obscures the Quality of the Absolute by its own intended qualities (that are not Absolute Quality). The separation is only believed to be real by the qualities of projection experienced; in the Absolute, projection never happened – there is no other quality than Love interchanging. Absolute Knowledge is naturally beyond the “experiencer” of being separate from Knowledge and subject to belief. The experiencer of infinite variegation disappears into one’s Absolute Identity and Reality which are one in the same Quality of Love.



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