Til death do we return

“If you believe you can be sick, you have placed other gods before Him” (ACIM) The Son of God cannot be sick, nor can he die.

Before the belief in separation from God, the Father’s creation was wholly known to be one whole perfectly functioning Son that had no needs. Since the belief in separation, which is just a belief not Reality, the Son of God appears to be “born”, and with immediate needs. Without those needs met, it appears that the Son of God “dies”. Yet the Son of God is never born, and he never dies.

Evolution is impossible in temporal terms because the body evolves back to the Beginning before the belief in space and time. On a course in miracles, seemingly by degrees or all at once, is one Atoned for the belief in separation.

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2 thoughts on “Til death do we return

  1. Sander Kjeldsen

    What happens after the physical body apparently dies? I know “A Course in Miracles” says that physical death doesn’t mean awakening from the dream… So what happens?


    1. Darcie French, BSW Post author

      Nothing happens. Something happening is the illusion the idea to divide oneness provides. Creation as God created continues as always without division or multiplication. Creation is Known as One Continuous Extension as the illusion of stop frames on Reality dissolve. Via the attempt to put time and space into Heaven a world of illusion is projected; but nothing of the projection is created as God creates. Nothing is actually done. When one lets go of/forgets the body idea and lays the seed to rest in Source, one is Atoned, one has accepted creation as is in Heaven. Walter Russell explicitly describes the metaphysics of manifestation and identification with embodied ideas. Memory of the body can always be resurrected in spacetime. It is resurrected as much as one desires to remember it. One awakens seemingly by degrees through a series of miracles along the way, or all at once at the end of the course in miracles by the final miracle, which is the stark and utter realization that one was dreaming of death, and it couldn’t be made real. One goes, “oh. that’s all that was.”



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