Embodied by the concept of existence

To be or not to be – to Be as one is in the Kingdom of Heaven, or to think one isn’t part of it, by existing outside of it.

To Be Is what already Is. Conceptualizations of the Supreme Person in Heaven are part of the thinking that one isn’t the Supreme Person in Heaven; all concepts come from the idea of “not to be” as Is.

Embodied ideas are simulations of the ideal Supreme Person; Yet the Supreme Personality of Godhead cannot actually be conceptualized or embodied; all embodiment results in duality. Nothing Supreme can come from the belief in the divided existence of duality between attachment love and fear. The happy dream as opposed to ego’s nightmare within the belief in separation or the idea to think one isn’t part of God’s Kingdom is still a dream; it is still a concept of Reality that doesn’t exist as part of Reality. There is no happiness that can exist apart from Happy; anything apart from it cannot escape duality. The existence of an embodied idea is not Supreme, but a product made by the illusion of dividing the Supreme with the intent to multiply it back to its original wholeness. Yet zero cannot be divided; it is still zero. And zero times zero is also zero. The Supreme cannot be divided; one cannot actually exist outside of it, one can only seem to do so by identification with what isn’t To Be.

In the attempt to divide Knowledge of the Supreme and multiply it back to its wholeness does Knowledge of Oneness with the Supreme seem to become divided into the duality of attachment love and fear. By mentally conceptualizing the Supreme into existence, “to Be” seems to become “not to be”; one thinks one isn’t part of the Kingdom, and is therefore embodied by the concept.

Copyright©Darcie French 2017 All rights reserved


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