Time takes place

The happy dream of the Holy Spirit is still part of the idea of death; the “real world” is in the Mind of the Son of God, not in the world of space and time that he perceives.

One can simulate the idea of the Oneness of God’s Kingdom of Heaven being divided into two and then multiplied, but if one wishes to escape the pains of duality, this simulation must be seen for what it is – a simulation that can cause nothing of its own accord.

Attach Mind to simulated realities and be subject to duality; realize they are simulations and be unaffected by their unfolding.

Everything unfolding is in movement because it is out of balance in order to return to balance, and simulate the Kingdom’s Balance. Projected from the Mind of God, the projection must instantly find its way back to its Source. In the forward/backward motion happening simultaneously are the mirrors of time and space erected and ideas seemingly embodied.

I had an idea for artwork that will manifest as part of the happy dream. I saw it extend to infinity through the electric mirrors that reflect the vision I desire. It will take time for it this vision from the high heavens of imagination that source the happy dream to appear in the manifest world; time takes place as I return to the mirrors, and watch myself acting in them.


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