Symbol of thought

“God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of what you think you are.” (ACIM)

From the Stillness of God’s nonlinear fulcrum are mirrors made of light erected and through the looking in them, ideas appear embodied.  The Oneness of creation is simulated by dividing the “zero point of Stillness” (Walter Russell) of the Kingdom to appear as two sides moving apart that come back together as one still. It is a simulation; it appears as if creation is made of two separate male and female parts striving to complete one another, but each and every one of us is God’s whole Kingdom, already complete.

Ideas at rest in God’s Idea are electrically vibrated to life by the desire to embody them and act them out. Innate power is used to spin to life an event horizon with which to move the idea of the perishable back to the eternal. Innate Light is projected on the screen of consciousness to bring to motion God’s Cosmic Play, wherein a subjective self is apparently acted, until the Light goes out. It is God’s Play, not God’s Reality. The Stillness of the Kingdom never moves apart nor back together; God is never divided. The Light goes on and off the screen of consciousness, and God stays with the viewer in both the light and dark.

The idea of the perishable is not in alignment with God’s Thought; it is not in alignment with God’s Idea. God’s Only Idea is eternal. God’s Kingdom never dies.

With devotion to self-inquiry, one recalls the thought that brought the body image to life. One recalls the idea that was set forth. One remembers setting up the mirrors, and looking in them for the symbol of thought they contain.






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