The ego, killing parts of the Sonship, a letter to a school teacher, and marijuana prohibition

The ego looks at anything that might be believed to benefit the Son of God as being “bad”. When I believed I was separated from Love, at age eleven I smoked marijuana for the first time and went, “Wait … I don’t want to kill myself anymore” It didn’t get me “high” really, but gave me a more “normal” mindset. I knew right then that marijuana is part of the correct hologram of choice (and suicidal thoughts aren’t) and I have used it since.

The ego loves to hate marijuana because it doesn’t help the ego with its goal to murder the Son of God’s Peace. The ego’s hatred for anything innately good put innately good marijuana on a controlled substances list and puts innately good people in jail for no reason. And endocannabinoid deficiency syndrome is rampant in the population. So many people seem stuck in the belief in suffering because a plant, which is an edible flower and vegetable, has been prohibited from the diet for a century, and that plant was put there by God to be consumed to help ease the belief in separation from Source. The cancers of the past century tell a story of ego’s belief in lack – just like scurvy did before it was discovered that Vitamin C was part of the solution. The solution has been right there the whole time.

For every problem the ego manifests, the Holy Spirit manifests a solution. The marijuana solution has been ignored and outlawed. Homo barbarian prefers to hoard and kill animals for the brief satisfaction of a steak dinner with a beer and a tylenol three for a handful of the population vs cultivate plant based nutrition that includes a complete protein and medicine for the world.

It is not normal to want to kill yourself. So when my 13 year old presented with the same suicidal symptoms, among other efforts to help him let go of ego’s nightmare and hear the Holy Spirit within, I smoked a joint with him. The world is awakening to the truth of the needless suffering of the masses, how it came about through the voice for ego, and how to make appropriate changes.

Here’s a copy of the letter I sent to his teacher and principle when my son showed disrespect to his teacher for sharing false information.

“I understand that Devan rolled his eyes at you when you were giving information about marijuana. I apologize for his disrespect. He was indicating that he felt the information you were giving was false.
I have used marijuana in one form or another since I was 11 years old. I have suffered from depression from childhood sexual abuse since I was three. The first time I used marijuana I smoked it, and I realized I stopped wanting to kill myself while I was “high”. Actually, I just felt “normal” for the first time. It is not normal to want to kill one’s self, and having a puff off a marijuana cigarette cured the urge and provided a more normal mind set. I used it in this way for many years.
I really healed the effects of depression though in 2014 when I began to grow and eat fresh marijuana. It was like my brain lit up like a Christmas tree. I got out of bed with a smile on my face. I used to suffer from terrible fibromyalgia along with the depression and suicidal thoughts. Eating the fresh marijuana alleviated the pain in my muscles to such a degree that I could ride a bike for exercise my body so desperately needed. I was able to stop taking chronic doses of narcotics, antidepressants and anti-psychotics. I was on prescribed amphetamines for awhile because I had no energy to move; I have lots of energy now and have to ride my bike to burn it off. The doctor had offered me a fentanyl patch for the pain. I didn’t want a lifetime of even greater addiction and I said no. That’s when I found the courage to plant some seeds in order to grow it and eat it fresh. In just six short months I was able to work part time as a painter’s assistant. I had been almost bed ridden for years!
These days I use rick simpson oil. I eat it fresh when I can. I smoke it for other medicinal purposes (like for stomach flu nausea). My husband, Devan’s father, uses it for chronic pain relief. Marijuana is a fantastic medicine.
When Devan at age 13 told me he wanted to die, and was cutting himself, and couldn’t sleep properly, as well as taking him to the dr and pediatrician and child psychiatrist, I offered him a puff of marijuana smoke. It helped him, just as it helps me and his Dad. Now Devan also uses marijuana as part of his health regime.
So, you can understand why Devan was rolling his eyes when you said “marijuana has no health benefits”. I am sure the reference you quoted said as much. Again, I apologize for Devan showing you disrespect. He loves being in your classroom; it has also been an integral part of his return to better mental health. If you would like someone to talk about the health benefits of using marijuana in all of its forms, I would be more than happy to attend in the classroom and balance the info.”

Only Homo barbarian, lead by ego that hates anything good, would give the ok to killing parts of the Sonship and simultaneously outlaw a God Given Source of Relief. It is high time for Homo barbarian to put down his meat club, relax, and smoke “up” with Homo Spiritus. He will feel much better cultivating cannabis and curing his ills than he does killing cows and stuffing his guilt.



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