Losing the craving for guilt

“Life never dies, it just changes form” (Dr David R Hawkins)

What happens to old belief systems? Nothing is “killed off” and therefore nothing is cause for “guilt” as the ego would have one believe – form is just recycled; guilt over recycling form needs not “undoing” by granted special favors from God but bypassing by the realization of what is already Granted. The Son realizes that everything has been Given, and no longer needs to feel responsible for taking.

Tar pits and fossils tell the story of evolving belief systems one way; what once had “substance” becomes only an outline, and then that fades to nothing, as fuel from the fossilization process is used by the substantially “evolved” to disperse a last chapter and start again a first. All evolution results in dissolution and dissolution results in evolution. The modes of material nature cyclically manifest and void their forms as the simulation of creation evolves or moves “up” the Body of God to Realize the Supreme of the Godhead.

In the Mind of God, the Son of God has no past; the body is not in the Head. In the Now he is wholly joined with the Father in Knowledge. Every unbeneficial act the ego would have the Son of God believe to be necessary for his body’s well-being is part of the ego’s plan to reinforce guilt, and to keep the Son from Knowing his Guitlessness and believing that he is separate from Knowledge. With God in Mind, the Son Wills to choose Knowledge, and manifest benefit vs guilt.

“When you look within and see me, it will be because you decided to manifest truth” (ACIM)

The ego would have one make guilt real, and atone for it; the ego would have one attempt to murder parts of the Sonship’s Peace out of the belief in necessity, and then ask for special favor later. This special favor for what isn’t part of Reality is never granted, and thus the ego seeks it only to become angry as it imagines “God’s refusal to provide it”.

When the ego’s thought system is relinquished, images of avatars of the Holy Spirit like Jesus may come to Mind to walk with one out of the end of the nightmare of unreality. The Holy Spirit says special favor is not necessary by looking only to the Provided Guiltlessness of his walking partner. As one walks in Guiltlessness with the Holy Spirit, the craving for guilt leaves. Without the craving for guilt, the Son of God Knows of His Father’s Love, and he no longer tries to kill for it.


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