The Answer With Love

The questions were asked of me, “Without the idea of death, how do you treat your family?” and “How do you live without the idea of death?” The initial response after “taking spacetime into account” (aka trying to divide Oneness by space and time/life and death) was that these questions could take writing a book to answer. But the simple Answer has none of the complexities of spacetime – without the idea of death I can only treat my family with Love, and live with Love.

When I didn’t wholly Know of my Oneness with God and I identified with the products of spin and gravity, I treated my family, in general, as a life raft, or a “safe haven” from outside forces. I routinely asked them for my salvation and believed they could provide it.

Of my Oneness, I am saved from the effects of spin and gravity by the swoon of Balanced Love. I can be a provisional life raft in turn. “Together we stand, divided we fall” – so together we stand. “My family and I” are one Family that is God’s Son that cannot be divided in Reality, and so to simulate Reality in this movie of life and death, we “stick together”. We are wholly joined in the Mind of God as One; in Reality there never was separation into different components. To act in God’s Play and recreate His Idea, we behave as One.

God’s Idea is Love; Sharing God’s Idea is sharing God’s Will. The body idea will complete and go back to rest in God’s Love when the information in its DNA says it is time. As DNA unwinds I treat my family by sharing God’s Will vs projecting the need to be saved. Without the idea of death I live in “the real world” without fear, and With Love.

“If only the loving thoughts of God’s Son are the world’s reality, the real world must be in his Mind.” (ACIM)

Without the idea of death, I answer all questions with loving thoughts. I use the temporary idea of “an individual within a conglomerate” to share the eternal swoon of our Father’s Love that is ever One.




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