Swoon into Oneness

I am at rest in God’s Idea. I Swoon into Oneness. I used to harbor aside from this Swoon the fantasy that I could “take wife and mother on a holiday”; but I gave that up as it only served to produce unwanted effects. Like all ideas other than God’s, it was destined to complete as if nothing really happened. There is nothing better than to Swoon with God.

Just as my Father and I are One; wife and mother cannot be separated from husband and children. In union with Love does family Know of Oneness with Source.

There is a Swoon that happens naturally with the surrender of belief in entanglement in materialized effects for God’s Idea that is Free. The Swoon into Oneness Stills the idea of s(p)inning away from Source. One rests in the gentle foundation of the nonlinear Swoon of God’s Love; there is no taking anyone anywhere, in letting go and letting God.


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