Nothing to forgive

Beyond the concept of forgiveness is the Guiltlessness of the Absolute Known by surrender.

As I thought I was potentially about to die due to my own carelessness (I forgot to put out a candle burning that started a house fire), my own Voice inside me said, “You don’t have to be here for this” and I left the perceptual world for the Absolute.

Death is not experienced, say the mystics.

There was no “me” that left when perception died; I never was. The Absolute is complete of itself.

In the Absolute Sate of Mind, the world of perception never was. God’s Son is Guiltless. The candle left burning destroyed nothing but belief in the continuity of effects; it could not touch the Continuity of Cause.

The meaning of Bhagavad Gita is “Surrender everything unto Me”. Surrender the unrealities of perception for Reality.

Beyond forgiveness there is surrender and the Knowledge that there was nothing to forgive.

Surrender opens up the Absolute.

Is there “a candle left burning” in your life, too? You are Guiltless in your Father’s eyes. Surrender all guilt to be dissolved in His Love.


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