Homo Spiritus of the Heavenly

“You were at peace, until you asked for special favor” (ACIM) One at peace seeks no special favor, and produces no special effects. At Rest in God’s Idea, there is no need to simulate creation, there is no need for God’s Cosmic Play. Actors in God’s Cosmic Play are seeking for special favor, and producing special effects.

The Mind, under the sensual direction of the subjective effects produced by the seeking of special favor, seems to evolve through a perfect universal framework as it acts out all the different abilities and disabilities of God’s Cosmic Play,  to eventually return to Rest in Peace. All requests for special favor are granted, and then Self-Corrected by the Desire to Rest the effects in Source.

There are two holograms of choice in the polarized sensual motion picture show of life/death through which the body image can be puppeteered. Though it is not an actual framework (it is mental), one “side” of the hologram has options for stop-frame effects that further the ego’s belief in separation from Source.  Stop-frames appear as if to paralyze the actor in a state of helplessness where Mind is entrapped by the effects it sought.

“Everything the ego tells you that you need will hurt you” (ACIM).

The other side has options that reflect the Holy Spirit’s Memory of God and produce miraculous “joining” effects that are healing in nature. The options within one hologram lead to hellish effects of needless loneliness, pain and suffering, and the options within the other lead to natural heavenly effects of  comradery, reunion and pain relief. The options for ego are always needlessly chosen because in each and every option for ego is its counter for the Memory of God. The actor gets to choose and experience out the effects of the choice.

While the body idea is playing out as an actor in God’s Play, one is conscious of the effects the brain is tuned to receive. Tune the brain to the side of the hologram that produces hell and experience out hell. Tune it to the side that produces heavenly or miraculous effects and experience “Heaven on Earth”.

Choosing for God always produces the miraculous; the aim of God’s Play teaches this lesson.

Homo barbarian is a term coined for man who is innocently lead by his senses and is therefore ignorant of God in him. As homo barbarian awakens from choosing the hellish to producing the miraculous, he becomes aware of God in him and the production turns to Homo Spiritus of the Heavenly.

As younger and younger folks choose enlightenment and thereby start raising generations of Cosmic Man, who is aware of God in him as he acts out his Play, a new race unfolds that manifests effects from only the happy side of the mental hologram of life and death; and so do the meek inherit the world.


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