Rest, recovery and balance

Losing the idea of death is embracing Knowledge of balanced life. There is One Source of everything in the universe. This Source is completely benign. It is Absolutely Still. From the Stillness of the Mind of God, vibrations produce the illusion of movement.

The body idea completes. Form unwinds. The motion that produces it will return to its resting point in the Stillness from which it came.

Walter Russell explains the mechanics of life and death inside and out in his 12 part home study course. He explains how all ideas in the Mind of God are “polarized” and “depolarized” to make bodies of information appear and disappear. The senses are polarized and depolarized on a cyclical basis. The Mind winds up light-waves to produce desired effects, and unwinds them as the idea completes. All completed ideas can rest in Source or be resurrected. The Mind chooses to vibrate away from Stillness to complete ideas. The Mind naturally Rests in its Self, which is Known to be Perfect Balanced Love.

Any idea that moves away from Stillness can only be temporarily sustained before it returns to its balanced resting point in Source. The idea for “day” rests in it’s counter balancing idea “night”. And vice versa. The depolarization of the night is necessary for the polarization of the next day. Same with the life period of the body and its death period.

The ego is the belief that the polarized senses are more important than the depolarized senses. The ego fights sleep because it cannot go “Home” to rest in the Stillness; it is attached to the senses. It is the voice that keeps one up at night and talks about work the next day, or money problems, or problems with health, etc. The voice for ego believes that depolarization of the senses means a disappearance into nothingness and a state of helplessness, but relaxing into letting go of the senses is to relax into the Knowledge of everythingness. One awakens from depolarization refreshed and recovered and renewed.

There is One benign Stillness that all moving effects are polarized from and depolarized back into; listen not to the ego that keeps one moving away from necessary rest, recovery and balance, but to the Voice for God Within that Provides all three.


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