To make an audience and a speaker out of my Father, which is my Self, I had to attempt to go back in time to when I was seeking the Answer, and no such time could be resurrected. I could not separate from my Father and make my Self be in two places at once.

I am aware that I am acting on a stage where the players seem unaware of their Oneness by the belief in death. I am aware that “without the idea of death, there is no world” (ACIM). I am aware of Heaven, Now. I cannot see the world in the same way as the other actors. I am aware that I am acting as if I still believe my death means anything. It doesn’t mean anything but the other half of life. Heaven is unaffected by life and death. My Father/Source/Self and I are One.

This doesn’t make conditions on Earth any different for me and mine; karma doesn’t change with enlightenment. Belief in dividing Oneness to multiply it in form is what goes.

Wife, mom, woman cannot speak through her Earthly perspective about Oneness. I can only surrender those ideas of divided Oneness and speak/write from the Holy Spirit as the Desire comes.





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