Awakening at home

Information that is encoded in the Godhead takes time to unfold. Ideas projected from the Mind of God that are completing take time to complete. The “death” of the body takes time to complete. DNA unfolding the idea of death takes time.

Enlightenment doesn’t always entail apparent death of the body. More and more householders are seeking enlightenment and surrendering roles and responsibilities “on the spot”. The Desire to Know Oneness and transcend the idea of death is strong. People are literally sick and tired of believing in illusion.

Ideas take time to complete. More are seeking enlightenment in youth and middle age and the body idea is still completing. The world is awakening.

What to do post-enlightenment?

This body image idea has not completed. While I know it is not real, it is an idea, an image, a projection, and that its disappearance does not mean my death, folks around me still caught up in a death thrall still believe in it’s reality. And so I work with them on manifesting a happy dream and letting ego’s nightmare go.

I learned at home; I am teaching at home.


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