How I discovered Walter and Lao Russell

Last summer I kept trying to draw what, in Mind, seemed to be the metaphysics or nonlinear, invisible geometry of identification leaving Oneness with God to appear manifest. All I could come up with was a kind of flower. I said to my husband, “I wish I had taken physics in high school, maybe I could understand this image I am trying to draw”.

Then a couple months later in November of 2016 I discovered the work of Nassim Haramein and realized I had been trying to draw “the flower of life”.

I joined the Resonance Science Foundation Academy in January 2017 to learn more about unified physics, and a fellow delegate there told me about the work of Walter and Lao Russell from the 1950’s.

I was immediately attracted to the Russell’s 12 Part Intimate Home Study Program – which concisely and clearly, including charts and diagrams, explains the metaphysics of manifestation.

There is no disconnection from Source; all I had to do was genuinely declare that I wished I had more information, and the desire was fulfilled.


8 thoughts on “How I discovered Walter and Lao Russell

  1. Hi darcie, do you know of the cause of lack of wealth? I have heard it said that you suffer from bad karma if you lack money? what are your feelings about this matter?



      1. A general, overall definition of wealth. If you want money, just take a picture of the next cash you get and look at the picture daily. Your cash will naturally multiply.


      1. Sorry… I was referring to your statement on multiplying cash. Have you experienced increasing your money in that way?


      2. I am sure you are familiar with “The Secret”? In Mind’s resting state, one isn’t concerned with manifesting anything ; Everything is Provided of the Absolute itself. In form, I am the idea of a wife and mother trying to manifest a happier dream for her family. The easiest way to manifest money is hold it in mind in a positive light – ie – look at a picture of it and hold in Mind the belief in it. From there, the Mind works on one’s behalf to fulfill the desire.


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