Sin and guilt, spin and gravity

When it comes to the concepts of “sin” and “guilt”, it seems that much ado has been made about nothing but the idea of dividing the Oneness or Stillness of God’s Idea through the illusion of movement. God’s Idea is Balanced Love. All ideas are attempts to simulate God’s Idea. To manifest ideas Mind literally divides One Love into male and female, father and mother, and puts them together to simulate Balance.

There is no such thing as sin or evil in the world as the Mind attempts to simulate Balance. All multiplied ideas innocently die back into the One Balanced Idea. “Sin” is to “spin” or movement as “guilt” is to gravity or attention to the movement. Neither last and nothing actually moves from or leaves Mind’s Stillness, though the Mind in its desire to fulfill ideas makes movement appear to be so.

Walter Russell, from his 12 Part Home Study Course, explains how bodies are conceived and manifested.

“When you desire to manifest an idea at rest in your Mind you concentrate your thinking by setting it in motion, continuing to multiply that motion until you focus it into an imaged BODY of that invisible idea. In other words you wind up something which was invisible until it becomes visible. You generate a condition called ‘gravity’. Then what do you do? You decentrate your thinking by setting your brakes against that multiplying motion until it ceases in rest. Motion then decelerates until it comes to rest in the idea from which it started. In other words you unwind that which you have made visible until it becomes invisible. You radiate gravity into ‘space’.” (Walter Russell)

When Russell refers to “your Mind” he means God’s Mind. God’s Mind is your Mind; there is only One Mind. There is only One Idea out of which come all other ideas. There is only One Mind out of which come all minds. What idea could possibly come out of and go back into the One Idea of God’s Mind and be “sinful”?

It seems that the concepts of sin and guilt come from the belief that the gravitation and radiation of ideas into and out of universal form is a “problem” to God, or that formed ideas upset God’s Stillness, or actually divide His Oneness.

The ego thinks God has a problem with the division of Oneness into “father” and “mother” to make ideas visible and invisible. Yet without God’s Mind there could be no ideas set in motion from His Stillness, and no acceptance of them back into it. God’s Mind is your Mind.

Russell further explains the connection:

“Gravity, in spiritual language, means the FATHER principle of desire in Nature for manifestation of idea in material form, through concentration of motion. Conversely, radiation, in spiritual language, means the MOTHER principle of desire in Nature to record idea in expanded thought- bodies through decentration of motion.” (Walter Russell)

What is eventually uncovered or unveiled through self-inquiry is the Knowledge that this division of Oneness into father-mother to make and unmake bodies is Self-powered. One is working with God as the father-mother of all ideas.

Identification with a body subjectively divided from the state of Oneness to a state of duality provides a literal framework with which to view/work with; every gravitated living body a virtual “lens” through which to expand or radiate the idea back into space. All gravitated ideas are radiated back to their source. Oneness isn’t actually divided, and one is working with God not against Him.

Gravity is an effect of spin or of “winding up something invisible to become visible” and gravity keeps the idea or event horizon of the visible body “in place” until it diminishes and it is radiated back to invisible.

Gravity keeps the event horizon limited to the one way expansion of its view until the simultaneously occurring radiation takes over to put the concentrated idea back to rest. The emerging “view” was specified by the “spin” that set the idea in motion, yet what is wound and held together by “father” is simultaneously being dispersed (or unwound) by “mother” and is in this way given back to Oneness. This is how God maintains Supreme Control and Balances all ideas back into One.

“Sin” and “guilt” are unnecessary emotional correlates to “spin”, and “gravity”. What the ego can’t acknowledge is that the “spin of the father” or the idea to concentrate nothing into something is innately unspun by the idea of mother. Every idea ultimately voids itself to simulate Oneness with God. There’s no idea of division that can actually divide. The Mind cannot be separated or segregated.

We are one universal “child”, experimenting with setting ideas in motion. One can never truly “spin away” from Stillness. All concentrated ideas are simultaneously being radiated back to their resting point in Mind. The Mind’s Equilibrium is Absolute.





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