Pondering the death of black holes

“There are timelines and processes established for the dissolution and eventual death of atomic elements, objects, and most macrocosmic structures, yet the end of life for a black hole remains a complete mystery.” (Resonance Academy).

Could the death of black holes be a mystery because when a black hole dies, the event horizon, or the “surface” of the black hole that is perceivable stops spinning and thereby no longer produces gravity and releases its content, or does a final spin and then stops abruptly at the exact “point” in spacetime where it absolutely first started, projecting all of its contents  out across the cosmos as minute separated particles (or black hole particulate seemingly “evaporated” by the power of thermal dynamics back into the nonlinear energy fluctuations it started out from) and the “black hole” therefore no longer appears? I would assume from there, that the spread out/evaporated particles are then reintegrated to existing black holes as sources of energy and by doing so can even form new black holes. For instance, these particles eventually enter the Earth’s atmosphere and are part of the formation of rain, which is the very life giving fluid of the planet that all life is made mostly of and relies on for energy to continue. In this sense, as the particles from dispersed black hole event horizons get absorbed by “living” black holes, and create new black holes, all of the information from all “dead” black holes is still present. Could it be that “the evidence of the death of black holes” can only be found in the information that directs present life… because they don’t actually die?



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