I: Reality and Subjectivity

There is a major paradigm difference between Awareness of Self or Reality, and consciousness of an observable self, or subjectivity.

There are no levels within Spirit/Self – Spirit is always Oneness with God/Source/Power – it is God. Self-Awareness is eternal awareness of innate God/Power/Source Within. Consciousness/subjectivity of a temporary observable self momentarily veils the mind’s knowledge of innate Power. Belief in the realities of the subjective self covers the Innate Reality of Self and forms the ‘veil of Maya’.

Consciousness of an observable self is variegated by many different ways of observation; perception/subjectivity is divided by levels of consciousness. Everything that happens in the manifest world is perceived through the senses of the observable self; the senses momentarily subjectively ‘confirm’ the idea of separation from Reality.

Self-Awareness never changes. It is Constant. The observable self comes and goes from Awareness; it doesn’t stay and it’s always changing. Only God Within stays, and never changes.


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