The voice for ego or the Voice for God

As I listen to the voice for ego, mind ends up going down a dead end road. I end up with the very sensation of hitting bottom. I end up looking through the body and resenting its limitations. I end up thinking pointless, circular thoughts like, “WTF is this all for??? What on Earth am I doing???”

The body hurts when I listen to the voice for ego; it takes all the mental resistance and balls it up. The muscles feel tense, hard, unrelenting. Vertebrae feel twisted, bent. The fight or flight response system gets triggered. The stomach feels tight, the bowels loose, the solar plexus in knots. It becomes difficult to catch a deep breath, stay hydrated, sleep properly. The entire system – mind by its thoughts, and body by its functioning –  goes acidic.

When I listen for the Voice for God/Love/Source/Self, or the Holy Spirit, regardless of the circumstances – I Know I am Alive. I know that everything is ok; I know that consciousness of separation from Source is but a dream, and I am unaffected. Resistance leaves the muscles, and endorphins flow. I Know Peace, by Name. When I listen to the Holy Spirit vs the voice for ego all questioning ceases – because that which thought to ask, never was.




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