Ego, or Love?

When I ask myself, “ego, or Love?, of course I want Love. Life is “fine” as it is from the view of the Witness to Awareness of Love. The apparent effects of the separation – consciousness and the material world – don’t need reinforcing, they are surrendered to Love.

Without Knowledge of Self-Love, there is separation anxiety, separation sickness, and death-to-try-and-end-separation. Without Love, there is only the tiny mad idea that expands to the world of attachment to appearance, and aversion to disappearance.

Saying “yes” to ego and therefore “no” to Love maintains the belief in separation and its effects. What one believes to be possible outside of Oneness is what one becomes capable of making outside of it. To say yes to the separation as being one’s Reality is to side with its maker, and thus keep one’s mind as its subject. To let go of the idea is to remain unified, and unaffected by appearance and disappearance.




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