Forgive the stairway from Heaven

There was apparently a Big Bang, or Bounce, when the Son of God sided with the “tiny, mad idea” that is the belief in separation from Source, and metaphysically split or spun from the Heaven of Oneness. The material universe continues to expand as the Son whims to be further and further away from the self-ascribed guilt that stems from feeling responsible for the original s(p)in from Love.

Guilt was/is self-ascribed by the force of the fear-filled belief in deciding for the split. The decision for the split is viewed as being a spin from and sin against “the Father” or Source. But Source doesn’t control or supervise the use of its power, it just extends it. Guilt is not of God or Source; Source and the extension of it is Guiltless. Guilt alone built the stairway from Heaven, and it will never stop adding steps to it, because it’s function is to keep the belief going. As the son holds onto the idea of guilt over the separation, the tiny, mad idea seems to grow more and more expansive. Only the recognition that Source Continues to Extend Love stops the guilty movement “away” from Heaven.

Look at the effects of the belief in separation, the material universe, with neutrality. Do, in mind, as Jesus/The Holy Spirit/the Right Mind says and “forgive (them), for they know not (what they do)”. Forgive the material universe – forgive the belief in the body – because the inhabitants of the material universe only do as they do out of not knowing Love. All of the activity “outside of Heaven” stops, the instant Love is Realized.

Forgiveness releases the idea of guilt; forgiveness lets the tiny, mad idea be seen for what it has been made into – nothing but a large collection of stepping stones away from Truth – and allows for the Relief of the Father, Who never steps outside of His Love.



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