Present Self

It seems it can be interesting/beautiful/tragic; whatever one wants the “spiritual experience” to be is what one seeks out to purchase. Experience happens first in the mind, and then is confirmed by sensing it’s material concordance. The purchased itself can never be the straight up Awareness of Love, though, because Love is Given vs acquired.

One can seemingly divert from Purpose through identification with ego/form and evolve through time and the levels of consciousness if one so desires; Self grants free will. Or, one can decide for the straight route back to the Freedom of Knowing Eternity.

Everything there is to know of enlightenment is freely Given by Self, now, eternally. Paths to enlightenment and the differences between the state of enlightenment and mundane mentality have all been described by sages and scribes, and all that is freely available, too. The Truth of what they say, the Truth that is Self-Realized, is the same throughout the ages. It is perfectly set up in this age to avoid the temptation of paying for more programming by choosing a path that leads only Within, and accesses Self as one’s own “Guru”. A simple, direct “path to God” is to hand all decisions over to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the only Teacher that speaks only for Self, and the Holy Spirit is “built in” to consciousness as the Right Mind. The Holy Spirit is like “God’s Fail Safe for His Son who wanders from Knowing Only Love”.

Enlightenment is, right now, the natural, unadulterated and innocent state of Mind; ask for the holy instant by surrendering all content to the Holy Spirit and Eternal Context is Yours to Know. Eternity is the natural state wherein one resides eternally Loved, and In Love. This State is 100% Self; it is not held apart from you. It only seems to be held apart if you hold your Self in the past, or project it to the future. Yet, there is no self from the past that can be enlightened in the future. The Present Self already Is.


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