For clarification and Clarity

How to “Be Love” on Earth, vs identify indefinitely with a seemingly fragile version of a self, that but walks on its own eggshells, perceiving the thought of being responsible for its own seeming devastation? Look at what is apparently going on, and then let go of the thought that appearance is part of one’s Reality. Clarify that perceived devastation is only what one thinks, and for Clarity, quickly let those thoughts go.

Love is shared unconditionally by Being in Heaven, conditionally by obscuring nonlinear Love by the belief in linear existence outside of it. “God” in Heaven is Self; Realize Self, and Realize Heaven. Self is Pure Love; the unconditional allowing of the extension of the Father’s Love to all of Creation is the only Reality that can be Known. Therefore, to ask of God to “give special love/favour” for self-prescribed reality here on Earth, even though one has left the Reality of sharing Love with the entire Sonship, is clearly insane. It is as if one says, blindly, in a condition of self-pity, “But, I don’t want to walk on eggshells, I want only Love. Therefore, God must fix this broken egg, or I can’t Know my own Love”. It is said blindly because Love is all that is Given by God, and one does Know this. God did not “make the perishable” that is described and valued as an “egg” by its maker. God did not make, nor break, the egg; God only extends Pure Love. Therefore, it could only be through the looking at the manifest idea of broken-ness, and the blaming of God for not “fixing” what He never broke, that one loses clarity of purpose. The statement “but I want only Love” as a reaction to the effects of volitional separation from Love actually belies not acceptance of Purpose, which is acceptance of Self, but the belief in wanting to be separate from it.

How is an egg first whole, but then broken, and wished to be whole again? One must break it on purpose, but then forget how it broke and outsource the blame.

The experience of being broken, or split, happens first in the mind, and the mind forms attachments (and aversions) to concordance in the material world in order to “confirm” its mental experience. Imagine the need to “walk on eggshells”, and eggs become manifest to break.

This activity is seemingly happening “outside” of the Kingdom of God, because nothing can actually happen “inside” the Kingdom of God. All activity is a projection away from the Kingdom and is not “of God”. The mind, then, in its seemingly split-from-Love state, thinks in terms of duality, (broken parts vs wholeness) and forgets how to Be what it is as Loving Oneness with Source.

Since Love is all that is Given by God, it would seem that it is only self-pity over the manifest experience perceived as if outside of the Kingdom of God that obscures the Kingdom. Heaven’s obscurity isn’t intended by God; it is obscured on purpose by ego.

Via self-pity/grandiosity of ego one becomes seemingly entangled in the demands of the forgetful flesh; the very belief in separation further “developed” by acknowledging not the grandeur of Given Love, but by looking at the pitiful manifestations of a mind split from Grandeur. It is obvious that the small self’s appetites are sourced by the mind’s questioning of the Reality of Being in Heaven vs acceptance of It. Reality is shared in Heaven. “In the flesh”, however, one can only interpret imagined separate or broken parts of reality via perception. In Heaven, One is but Wholly Knowing Reality.

In terms of “foundations for existence”, living on Earth is like Being in Heaven, in that both Heaven and Earth extend more of what they are by way of the Son’s Identity or identifications. Yet, the two “foundations” cannot be unified, because they extend completely unrelated thought systems. For example, imagine an infinite line. Now split it into two infinite lines, running parallel, one above the other. One line represents Earthly existence, and the other Line represents Being in Heaven. Notice that what runs parallel cannot intersect; the lines are as if separate from one another. Notice how the Being in Heaven line cannot “answer prayers for special favour” along a line that doesn’t exist as its own extension. Believing in the subjective reality of life on Earth is painful, because it involves thinking about projecting an infinite line of Fatherless birth and death. Being in Heaven is Being Pure Spirit, without the idea of death.

So it must be that, in mind, there is a literal positioning of an observable self in a parallel existence, outside of Being in Heaven, for one to “live on Earth” and subscribe to duality. Just as one imagined the one line being split into two, Self is imagined to be split into two. One leaves Identity as Love extending to identify with the forgetful flesh of a subjective self.

Through false identification, one inevitably comes to realize God’s Love as Being the only Kingdom one desires to Know, and the false identity is dropped. With Self-Knowledge, one can only be wholly welcome in one’s own mind “on Earth”, as one is in Heaven One can only love self, as one brings what was out-Sourced back In. The two lines that started out as one were only imagined to split into parallel existence.

To clarify, then, the true desire behind the statement, “but I want only God’s Love” could be to say, instead, “it seems that I have attached my mind to an experience that isn’t Love, and yet, I only want Love”. For Clarity, then, one acknowledges the appearance of a parallel existence that seems broken, but only to let it go.


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