Identify with the Silent Son

What is there in the Silence? There is only the Perfect Knowledge of Creation eternally extending. In the Silence, one is the Son in perfect receipt of the Father’s Love, and by one’s gratitude, one knows Self to be the Integral natural extension of creation.

It is not an easy task to “wear the world like a light garment”, and yet, nothing is actually difficult, because only the Son Really Is, and the world as one views it never really was. The task is in letting go of the decision against the Silence by the placing of images and sounds within it – those sights and sounds make up the world as one sees it, but they don’t make up the world as it Is. The Silence of the Love of Creation as it extends a Perfect and Whole Constellation beyond the noisy separated mind’s capacity to note is Ever Present; only other experience can seem to obscure It. The world can be easily transcended, though, because it is only one’s thoughts about the world that contribute to it “being like a heavy garment”. As far as contributing to the world goes, all contributions have already been made by mind experiencing itself out via the projection of its own thoughts. One has already “made the world”. Therefore, there is nothing more necessary to contribute to the world, than the willingness, in the Name of Love and the Desire for Love, to surrender thoughts about this world made away from It.

There is apparently a body that seems autonomous in the sights and sounds it notes, but it is only the imagined mind experiencing the sights and sounds of a mentally constructed image it first held as “separate” from God/Source/Love/Self. Experience happens first, in mind, before it becomes witnessed and “analyzed” in the manifest. That which is experienced mentally “outside of Pure Love” becomes “confirmed” by the senses sent to inquire about it. Listening to the voice for ego puts the mind in a never-ending loop of seeming separation, by its devotion to “sensing separated parts” vs recognition of the Whole. Dissociation from Source is the ego device used in order to recognize only mental parts “made manifest”, and thus “confirm” the “existence of separation”.

One can see how everything one views as being the contents of the world have already been made manifest by mind’s experience, and by noting only the material or the manifest consequences of the mental activity and not looking for the source of separation or the split from Knowing, one is but mentally reliving the same error – over, and over and over. Everything in the material is but a reflection of what has already been done in mind. To continually look outwards to the material for resolution only confirms the ego’s capacity to “seek but never find”. Peace is via Direct Association with Itself – not via dissociation by the idea of separation confirmed by the senses.

The ego is the master craftsman for inducing the twisted perception of separation, thereby disallowing the mind to rest in Self Love (it could be said that separation from Love is ego’s “job”) and yet, it cannot contend with Lord Shiva, or the Hindu label for the fact that “the Lord both giveth and taketh away”. Nothing the ego imagines outside of Source is permanent, and so its only recourse is to write/read and re-write/re-read endless scripts for the images it holds in mind. Yet the ego writes scripts about nothing, really – they are really nothing because none of them stick, none of them stay – they all inevitably go back to the dust from which they came.

The Son, though, is Evitably With the Father in Total Love; sights and sounds held in his mind as separate dissolve back into this union, because try as ego might, the effects of the belief in separation cannot be made to seem real forever. The Son Rests always in the Total Silence of Love. Identify not with the false images and sounds the ego would have one hold in mind, but with True Self, the Silent Son.


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