Understand the Christ

It’s a common misconception that to empathize with suffering is kindness that will lead to a higher state, wherein mind can rest in peace. Yet the idea of sharing suffering is not peaceful to mind, it is agonizing. It is not kindness or love or peace to make suffering seem real, but to make the idea of self-destruction seem real.

The Bible Jesus made “the last useless journey to the cross”. The world is divided not by religious differences when it comes to Jesus, but by fear and love – by those who empathized with his suffering (fear) and made it real, and those who joined in his resurrection (Love) and overcame the idea of death with him.

Jesus never died because he lives forever in Love, but focus on his bodily crucifixion over his spiritual resurrection, and you will feel as afraid as if you personally played a part in killing him. It produces the same anxiety to identify with crucifixion over resurrection in anyone, including self. The very idea of making death real is the very source of terror.

Look only to the Light within of all sentient life. Do not make the darkness seem real by veiling the Light through identification with illusion. Light is Love; look only to Love, and bask in its Light. All fear is illusion. All suffering is illusion, because fear doesn’t have to be laid over Love; Love can remain unveiled. Jesus lives forever in the Light of Love and his message was, and still is, that we are all the Christ – we are all an extension of Love. Let suffering go, and understand the Christ.

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