Clear killing from consciousness

One is made of Love, and as one Knows it, one becomes loving towards all expressions of life. The Creator made Creation with Love, and without acting like one’s Source, one is only mis-creating.

A world where killing is deemed necessary for survival is not a real place. The need for killing comes from a twisted-from-truth state of mind, where without it, only Love could blossom of its own accord.

What is our God/Source/Self extends Love. God judges not His Son, the only Judgment being ongoing Love as Power Source. God’s Power is freely extended. The split from this Love engenders the belief in “gettingness at all costs” for survival.

The belief in gettingness at all costs always entails the death or sacrifice of another, and sacrificing part of the Sonship blocks one from noticing God’s Love for all of it. No theoretical version of God can replace God’s Love. If one is worried about the killing going on in consciousness, practice ahimsa (non-violence towards all life) to clear it.

It is only the false, subjective sense of self that believes in the death of Love. The Son of God, Guiltless, Knows Only Father’s Love. Be what you are. Be Love, and be loved. Without killing on the menu, one cannot be served with attack.


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