The highest level of enlightenment

How high can the intention to “realize enlightenment” take one on the planet? The highest level of enlightenment possible “on Earth”, or while “incarnated in the physical” is classically called Christ Consciousness. This is the level of consciousness one should strive for, right from the outset of “the spiritual journey”. As Dr David R Hawkins said, “aim for the top of the map.” The map referred to is the Map of Consciousness (R), with Christ Consciousness at the top.

Christ Consciousness recognizes only the Son of God; it does not compute meaning according to “levels”. The “top of the map” is only Aware of the Christ that is the Son. All discourse is bypassed by Awareness of the Christ; all products of discourse are dissolved in Love’s Awareness. Thoughts of difference are literally offset by the recognition of Spirit’s innocence.

Turn to the person next to you. See only the Christ, and bypass all the work of journeying. Dissolve the entire notion of linear distance being a problem. The “battle scene” where God seems “missing” is right “here”, to be bypassed now. Know Self through the Christ, right here. It takes only one member of God’s family, to include the rest.


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