Third eye shut vs eternal Relief

Try as one might, no believer or disbeliever is at peace with (dis)belief for long. Depression/disillusionment is a common state for both the atheist who blindly denounces theory about God, and the religionist, who, without any kind of Self-Inquiry, blindly embraces it. The atheist claims disbelief, and the religionist claims special status with belief. Both claims are projections away from Self-Relief. Through belief and disbelief, one comes to know what one wants not. Right between the eyes, manifests the headache of blocked Relief.

One who blocks Realization by identification with disbelief or belief feels at the mercy of loss – the loss of Self-Knowledge. Self-Knowledge, in the simplest terms, is Awareness of Innate Love, and the seeming loss of it is the experiential nature of the human dilemma. Addictions are common because they temporarily melt thoughts that obscure Self-Knowledge. For a moment in time under specific conditions the pill, the drink, the object, the status, the money, the drug (one may fill in the blank) disrupts (dis)belief, and opens the door to God’s Love. But it is only for a moment in time that one is relieved; the material itself cannot source eternal Relief.


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