The enlightenment script

Within one consciousness, operationally, the one Son of God behaves as if many subjective selves. According to Dr David R Hawkins via consciousness research, and proven through physics by Nassim Haramein, only about one percent or so of the universe is conscious/manifest. The rest is only Awareness that is Silent and Self-Supporting. One hundred percent of God’s Mind is Known, while only about 1% claims not to know.

The 1% that claims not to know writes scripts for consciousness to play out. There is the “Sophia” aspect of separation from God that is feminine, and begets and destroys the material. Sophia acts as both “Eve”, birthing the world, and “Kali”, putting it to rest. Sophia writes the scripts “God as Lover” and “God as Parent”. Powered by Source, but “corrupted” by Sophia’s script, the material world is “born”, manipulated for a time, and then finally surrendered.

The Inner Guru that is the other 99% is the script for God as Master. Having nothing to do with the tiny, mad desires of Sophia as she evolves from Eve to Kali, the Inner Guru is the enlightenment script.

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