A call for Self Love

Byron Katie told her dying friend essentially that “she wouldn’t know what love really was until she loved her tumour”. She told her this, because her friend had asked her to always tell her the truth. What Katie did by making good on her promise was give her friend permission to love her self without condition, to let go of the body in a state of Love. The state of Love is the healed mind, and through it, the only way to potentially see the effects of healing in the body.

The Self is Guiltless, and what the son of man scripts with consciousness does not impact the Self. Source extends Love, throughout the occupation with the belief in the changing body and the denying of the Changeless Relief Love. Katie answered her friend’s call for Self Love, her call for Self-Realization. Any disease or discomfort is a call to know one’s True Identification as the Guiltless and ever-cherished Child of Love. All pain is but “proof” that it is time to let go of the fear of death, and surrender to eternal Love.

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