God alone defines His Son

The face of Christ has to be seen, before the memory of God can return.” (ACIM Manual For Teachers pg 83)

There are no special people who have more or less of the Christ in them. Every face is the face of Christ. See the Christ in the face of One, and one sees the Christ in All faces.

The memory of God is of pure energetic Love – an energetic interchange between Father and Son without differentiation – as if a nonlinear, formless, eternal hug defines itself by the Love it produces. Hugs on Earth are tiny but powerful reflections of the One Hug between Creator and Created, and the Love that sustains It.

Look to the person next to you. See not a conglomerate of programming. See not physical form. Describe not an outline. Rest in the energy that flows through them. This energy is made of Love. It is the Love of God, shared by all, and it radiates to illuminate the face of Christ. Behold the people around you as they truly are, and you are beholding your own Self, as you truly are. One can absolutely “wear the world lightly”.

The Christ is the Child of Creation, the extension of God’s One Loving Thought. To “think like Christ” is to share’s God’s Thought, to share God’s Will.

God’s Will is all there is. We can but go from nothingness to everything; from hell to Heaven. Is this a journey? No, not in truth, for truth goes nowhere. But illusions shift from place to place; from time to time. The final step is but also a shift. As a perception it is part unreal. And yet this part will vanish. What remains is peace eternal and the Will of God.” (ACIM)

Heaven, too, is a temporary dream. The idea of Heaven is a happy dream, wherein all the world of ego has been miraculously transformed. The idea of death has been surrendered, and Love is no longer feared, but embraced by loving arms. The body is used to communicate with God, and yet, no longer does form need define God’s Son. God alone Defines His Son, With Love.


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