Whether personal or impersonal, be assured of God’s Love

In what has come to be termed “the state in the fire”, I realized I am but an energetic exchange/interchange of what is known qualitatively to be pure Love. Consciousness carried on as bodies, including this one, left a house fire for safety – yet I was conscious of none of it. For several moments I was not conscious of the material world at all, yet my form still acted appropriately within it. I was only Aware of Self as Love. While in time it was only a few moments where consciousness “cut out”, in Reality, I was Awareness of the eternal.

The body no longer registered, nor did the body’s environment. “Darcie” had never existed and yet “I” was fully, wholly intact. I did not lose that which is Aware; it is as if void of “having a conscious identity”, the Real One is known. Bliss is this Love’s “form” in the material world, and even it is only but a reflection of Reality.

Could there be God as a Person, in form, beyond the impersonal oneness of Self as Love? I don’t know. All I know is that as the Awareness of Self as Love, there is no need for such a concept. As that very Knowledge, all concepts dissolve.

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