Surrender mental masturbation

A cherry pie was made from organic cherries, picked from a fifty year old cherry tree in the back yard. It was delicious. More important, though, was the innate Prasadam involved with picking, preparing, and baking the cherries, and bagging some up for the neighbors, delivering them in secret by “the cherry fairy”. The food was first offered to the Lord, and in that offering, His Love was Shared.

Thus is God’s Will is acknowledged in daily life. No part of life is exempt from Love, when Love is all that is shared. The focus is not on the body and it’s cherries, but on the Prasadam of offering all sense of nourishment back to its Source.

Source is all I want. The body is being used to communicate with Source by recognition. Devotion to Source vs to an “end product” of it actually changes brain chemistry, by disabling the fight or flight response innate to the dynamics of ego’s thought system.

Opinion about “my subjective reality” is always false, because it starts out unreal, based on the illusion of a split from Love. All opinions about the meaning of the effects of the belief in separation from Source are but reflections of ego trying to make the Son of God into what he is not. Every night, even the intellect must rest in the arms of nonlinear Source. The intellect, a kind of glamorized pride associated with one’s mental masturbation feats, cannot sustain itself beyond repeated ejaculations. All meaning gone with the climax, projections without surrender give birth only to further entanglement.



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