Sexuality and Spirituality

God’s Creation, the Self, the One “Son”, is innately gender-less. Do not be confused by the symbols that are used to attempt to describe this Child, for they cannot. God’s Child of Creation is not limited to or by symbolism; symbolism arises only from consciousness of experience within the material world. Symbols cannot truthfully label Self, and have nothing to do with Self’s Creation or Ongoing Self-Given Maintenance.

God’s One Son is not male or female. Gender in the material world has absolutely no meaning whatsoever when it comes to God’s Son in recognition of His Source. One pronoun gender is used for “Father” and “Son” only to demonstrate one continuous Source.

Religious association that pries into the sexual practices of its congregation is teaching for ego and its belief in sin and death, not for Truth. Compartmentalization of gender innately leads away from recognition of Innate Oneness. Truth looks not at the content of consciousness; Truth is only the Beloved Child. The Son of God is Guiltless in His Father’s eyes, no matter what he may call himself in form, and no matter what he may “do” with himself in form.


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