A staged great struggle

Belief, even in the mode of goodness, always leads to a sense of loss of innocence when it expires. Belief always leads to that indescribable existential angst, to that ineffable feeling that “there’s got to be much more to life than this.” Belief engenders the experience of discourse that blocks innate Awareness of Love. At the end of the day, no beliefs can hold out, because the Son realizes His One Desire as he sleeps in the arms of the Father. But the struggle continues in the morning.

Innocence/Guiltlessness is a God-given trait of the Son, and corruption occurs only by belief in the assignation to the Son of other traits. Belief is like the original sense organ of the split mind that births sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, (and the “sixth sense” too, which is no more special in its origins than sight or sound) through which consciousness attaches specialness and not-specialness to concordant form.

Power Source/Relief – Self – belief. Self can rest in Power Source (Relief) or stage a great struggle with belief.


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