A silly skit

If I see the one Son of God split into many bodies, life is seemingly complicated, conflicting, apparently dangerous, and difficult to manage. I see but a silly skit. If I see the Christ of Allness, life is perfect in its simplicity; life is serendipitous. The body is a manifestation of what is held in mind as if separate from Source, and to view it as a real reflection of the Son’s desire is to believe in falsehood. The One desire of the Son is for the Father; the Son may appear too, but does not desire the forgetful flesh. To see the Son as desiring anything but the Father is to limit him, and to make him seemingly subject but to suffering and death.

Self is all anyone wants. That is the only desire we share. That is the only desire we can understand as one. All other desires are in conflict. If we see only bodies, we see only conflicting desires. Yet if you and I see only the One Son in each of us, as one, we each know our One deepest desire fulfilled.


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