Transcend Time

“The world of time is the world of illusion. What happened long ago seems to be happening now. Choices made long since appear to be open; yet to be made. What has been learned and understood and long ago passed by is looked upon as a new thought, a fresh idea, a different approach. Because your will is free you can accept what has already happened at any time you choose, and only then will you realize that it was always there.” Jesus from ACIM Manual For Teachers

Like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, it is as if we believe we’re stuck in a loop of thought and we call it, ‘time’.

All that is manifest is based in thought. Consciousness came before matter; consciousness manipulates matter into form it can either find appealing or not. “Action follows thought” said Marshall Sylver. “Energy flows where thought goes” said Gregory Burkett. The movie The Secret, which is no secret to saints and sages, will tell you, “Hold in mind what you want” and consciousness will look upon what it is that it believes it wants. The true devotee of God has no interest in “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction because innate to the Law of Attraction is the Law of Aversion. Sharing God’s Will is it for the devotee. The people of the world will all come to the same conclusion eventually: God is all one really wants. Playing the “I want”- “No I don’t want” game gets very, very, very old.

To do self-inquiry via meditation is to become released from the thought of this time loop. One can meditate through anything and avoid getting trapped in the ups and downs, ins and outs of the material. Time is an illusion of entrapment, it is based in the thought that fear can be real; go beyond it in mind with acceptance that all has already occurred, there is nothing more, nothing less than now. One can, with resistance (fear), think up a million different scenarios to act to try and change what is, or sit in the Stillness of eternity (Love), and let it all go – because free will means only this: one is only free to accept or resist what has already happened.


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