I was as if I died, and so what?

It was as if I died, and so what? So, Love continued. The programming I bought into about suffering and death came to a gentle halt when that which I thought made “me” up dissolved in the Absolute Love of God/Self/Source.

The absolute discovery is that the idea of death is an illusion. The body is not the source of life, and life continues without it. There is no “judgment day”, judgment is an illusion of the ego and the cornerstone of its operations. God’s only “judgment” is Love. In this realm there is only change, form goes from seeming life to seeming death, but none of that is actually occurring in Reality. In Reality, one is ever Knowingly in receipt of God’s Changeless Love.

Do you know that you are Love? One can’t die, because one is Love. Love is the only quality in the temporary material world that is of the eternal, because pure love is one’s essence.

One may juice suffering if one wishes, that is always an option – been there, done that. But I can tell you that there will come a time when you let go of “clinging to life at all costs” and the suffering will end. The juice will run out, and in its absence, you will naturally reclaim your rightful place as Love.



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