The Godhead vs consciousness

Consciousness is the mind of God as it experiences itself as if away from Source, with form; Awareness knows itself as only itself. Any kind of “experience” is possible within consciousness, yet there is only One Love of Awareness. One can dream-to-have a light body, or a flesh body; one can identify with and experience anything within the domain of consciousness. One can verily experience “God” or “Self” in countless ways for as long as one wants – as Lover, as Child, as Friend, as Master.

The Godhead, though, is formless Awareness. This is the state of mind where the very essence of God as Self is Known without effort; it is pure Power as Love. All conscious awareness of form dissolves; it never was, it never will be. When everything is All in One, as One, there is nothing more, or less, than Perfect Love.

What has historically been described as the Godhead or Absolute is the state of mind, that, for a holy, eternal instant, I wholly “resumed” while the mind-body was leaving a house fire years ago. Instead of buying into the fear of my own death when I could have been “about to die”, I let it all go, and I was only energetic Love. Against the backdrop of consciousness from time immemorial that instant “out of time” was “but a drop in the ocean”, so to speak, but it was Everything. It was Known be Be my own Self as All of Reality.

The body did not fall over in the fire, it was clearly a kind of karmic wind up toy doing its own thing spontaneously, as if it was being counted on to fill a kind of universal role. Consciousness was not ready to leave its attachments. The mind was not ready to wholly release its own ideas of creation. It was as if I left the Godhead by the feel of my child’s little body on mine; it was as if a part of me was still “out there” to consciously collect. It was as if out of Love, I came back for those I once saw as if joined in this illusion of existence outside of our own Self, so that the illusion could be eased, and the way back home outlined, and Lit.


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