Conscious content creators

We are conscious content creators scripting the material, Powered by a non-attached Source that is wholly Loving, holds nothing back, and allows everything. What is held in mind apart from Source is witnessed by consciousness as the manifest world. Said Dr David R Hawkins, on how we are creators of content, generators of our own material existence, and how God is the Source or Context that energizes consciousness and it’s ability to manipulate form:

God is the Source and ever present substrate rather than the ’cause’ of the universe; therefore, evolutionary creation represents the consequences of the unfoldment of the infinite potentiality of omnipotence into the actuality of existence. The enfolded universe of the Godhead emerges into beingness and the unfolded universe of life and existence. In this transformation, existence does not require the confirmation of witnessing. The universe is the content of which Divinity is the context and Source. Thereby, it can be seen that essence is not ’cause’ but permanent, ongoing,ever-present primordial Self-existent Reality.” (pg 229 Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man)

The world is not “caused by God”, it is but a reflection of one’s inner state or level of consciousness that has been projected away from Self’s Kingdom; the universe does not exist in the enfolded world of the “Godhead”. The world can be nothing more than what one is holding in mind and because it is only a reflection, or image, coming back to be “experienced” it can only ever be called mind’s content, not Source, or Mind’s Context. To realize Self or Source there is no testimony to the content of consciousness, there is only Awareness of the Context of Love. Self-Realization is to release from mind identification with the unfolded content of consciousness, and identify instead with the infinite unmanifest of the enfolded Godhead.

Another way to describe the Godhead is to say it is the mind at rest in Itself. Without identification with projections away Source, mind is at peace and there is only Awareness of its own perfection.

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