Pure Love is not a concept

The core of the ego rests on the axiom of the belief that the mind can judge between “right vs wrong”, “good vs evil”, “hell vs heaven”; the core of the ego teeter-totters on the belief in duality, or the possibility of separation of the whole Mind into opposing parts. The Holy Spirit, or the voice for God, already present at the time of belief in separation, doesn’t “compute” duality and only knows one Truth: the whole of God’s extension of Love to His Son/Creation/Self includes all parts of mind, even those that believe in being separate. God cannot be separated from Himself.

To know God, belief in duality, or ego-identification, is transcended and there is the recognition of innate Awareness of Ineffable Love. The concept that “God could judge” has no purpose in the Presence of God. One knows with every part of one’s being the complete, full meaning of reciprocal acceptance, mutual self-love; one knows an eternal enlivening exchange of pure adoration. Judgment day is every day for the voice for ego that promotes sin vs righteousness, guilt vs redemption, penance vs Progress, and thus day after day ego’s concept of judgment seemingly blocks the innate flow of love between God and Son. Judgment Day, in Reality, within the Kingdom of God and untouched by the tyranny of belief in ego, reminds one only of this: Source is Love.

To know God, theory “about God”, including the very symbols that make theory up, is left behind in a graveyard of concept. All concept exists outside of the everlasting, always and forever of Pure Love. As the Knowledge of the Presence of God there is nothing different than Pure Love because nothing else can be Known. The Awareness of this eternal Love that is the birthright of all of Creation is only blocked by the belief that things could be different, that sin could be made real, and that God could judge the effects. Love is never actually blocked, God never actually judges, one only thinks Love to be lost by way of false identification. One falsely identifies with what one has believed of oneself, vs what one truly is. And that is all that has “occurred”, it was only belief; in the “eyes of God” what one has believed oneself to be, whether good, bad, happy, sad etc., etc., is nothing; it is nothing at all to Reality. Love is extended regardless.

Peace is everyone’s natural state. Peace, familiarity, a sense of belonging, Knowledge of “being home”, are but adjectives for the ineffable, yet they are qualitative reflections to “go by”. Pure love is not a concept based in belief. In the Presence of God without ego’s beliefs about “love vs not love”, Love is simply known to Be

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