God Loves all s(p)inners

How can Jesus love me if I am a s(p)inner as the Christian scriptures and preachers seem to imply that I am?” I used to ask. From a young age and for many years into adulthood, I was plagued by mainstream Christianity’s promotion of the belief in the reality of s(p)in and guilt. These beliefs lead to the wish to die in order to be free of them. I became as if very sick instead of “saved” via belief in the notion that “Jesus died for my sins”.

Resolution occurred through hearing Jesus’ voice through A Course in Miracles, wherein he assures that Christianity and its innate promotion of sin and guilt is nothing but error of transcription – ego heard not the Truth, with its belief in suffering and death.

Christianity that promotes a god that judges against is wholly incorrect. God only judges with Love. There is no special “judgment day” where “(some) s(p)inners go to hell” and “God’s elect” go to Heaven. There are no “appointed ones”; we have all spun away from Self-Knowledge. There is only One Son (everyone – the entire Sonship) and God loves Him. Stop the self-blasphemy, to Know this Truth. Direct revelation via God/Love/Self gives the lasting Answer. God Loves, no matter what. Love looks past all belief to Reality.

The Son of God is Guiltless, and so he lives for eternity. Jesus died not for my s(p)ins away from Love, but to dispel the notion of a spun reality, and he is resurrected to make this clear.

Heaven and Earth shall pass away means the two will not remain separate states,” (ACIM)





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