The Perfect state of Mind

I am not just a body but Spirit; the body is an act of inadequacy, a kind of misuse of creativity. I made the body consciously from matter (solidified thought) to house a part of mind away from the Perfect, Innate Fulfillment of God, the Creator of life as an extension of Love. I recall the method; using innate power at my own discretion it was simple spinning away from oneness by way of thought. Like an errant child I thought, “I am… therefore things could be mine”; and the world came swirling into a dizzying view in which to steady my feet. The part of mind I kept separate from Source I called “mine”, as if the mind itself were made by me. Thought that encouraged further distance from perfection continued to think itself real, and I believed this corrupt kind of reality was my own. This coveted self made of thought is flawed, corrupt by imagination, seemingly happy to be broken off from the whole of creation. In time, though, I realized that I want not this separation from Source, and with immense gratitude, I let my belief in it go.

I have been Home since, which absolutely confirmed the body as only an act, the mind believing in separation the actor, the Earth the stage. For only a few moments in temporal time, yet for always in eternity, the body dissolved and with it, all concepts/ideas/thought altogether. Consciousness left, yet Self-Awareness remained. Enlightened of thought I was still as always, aware only of a nonlinear kind of “exchange” of Pure Love. The body was gone (it had never been!) and yet I was perfectly intact. Desire was not present as the Presence of Self; all desire innately fulfilled to the point of never having been. In the Presence of God as one’s Self “desire” is a non-reality; desire is an artifact of a false memory, a quote from an act in a play. In the Presence of God as I am created, I am complete. I can imagine nothing less, as I know this Perfect Love.

I am ever plugged directly in to the Source of life itself. The belief in separation gone, I am indescribably happy to be Home. Home with one’s Source, eternal, Self-sustaining Love extending of its own accord is all there ever was, and ever will be, as the perfect state of Mind.

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