Time vs eternity

There is only this one life, that which is going on now, and only consciousness of the seemingly aging body blocks Awareness of the infinite nature of eternity, and thus sets it within limits. Now is eternally unfolding of its own accord; it is only belief in the temporal that seemingly puts stops and starts in place, and forms the concepts of “past” and “future”. Awareness never stops; it is but a belief system within consciousness that seems to come and go, and seems to live and die. Upon enlightenment of belief in time one recalls not “past lives” per se, but attachments and aversions that kept one believing in separation from Love. One recalls the splits from Self-Awareness to imagine separate selves.

Bodies wax and wane, seemingly along a karmic continuum. Seeming eons of temporal time are spent on the thought that it is possible to contain the spirit in this one heavy clay garment. As one breathes to life to this body, one puts limits on eternity by a seeming lifetime in the forgetful flesh. And yet, eternity ever remains free and unencumbered by belief. What is forgotten by the belief in birth and death is the Source of now unfolding. What is remembered with enlightenment is the eternal Awareness that “birth” and “death” cannot Be; they never were.

Forgiveness of projection is the mechanism that returns mind to the Kingdom of God. Forgiveness frees mind from its beliefs in projected limitation. Judgment against eternity is the cornerstone all bodies are built on; forgive but the belief in building a body to escape from Love. The mind that believes itself to be split from Source and at the mercy of time is inventing its self in the flesh. The mind that forgives the past and forgets the future knows its Source, and is ever at Home in the now.


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