Will you whim, or still Will?

The me that seems separate from I is put together on a kind of whim – a bit of this material spun into a bit of that – and here is what appears to be a body spinning in space, to play with that I shall call “me, and mine”.

Where God’s Will for Ever Extending Love never changes, whims are always changing. Whims are not stable like the Kingdom of Heaven as created by God, where all there is is the ineffably beautiful and completely satisfying ongoing exchange of Self-Love between Father and Son. Whims of the son cannot be trusted to stay put like the Will of the Father. Whims cannot be relied on to keep their originality, because something that lasts can never be made out of nothing that ever was, but always is.

Will you whim yet another idea for the future, doomed to lose its appeal over time, when this one is no longer fun to play with? Or do you Will with Self now, and Be what you Are?


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